Data Owners




It's not what you THINK you have, but what you ACTUALLY have.

Data decays rapidly from the day of creation. Bounce emails, wrong numbers, and incomplete address. The problem is worsen by the high frequency of job changes. But all is not lost for Data owners who enhance their data. With the help of technology, contacts can be kept up to date, easily sorted, retreived and updated, and data turned into useful information.



Manage, Enrich and Clean

Managing data can be cumbersome, especially with large amounts. Inconsistency, duplicate records or out of date data are some common problems Data owners face. Data can also be in different formats: hard copy, soft copy, Excel, Word, or even video and voice. Data owners start by managing business name cards to consolidate them with other data sets. Transcribe name cards to digital copy and import them into CRM system. Some CRM require fixed data fields and some technical know how to nagivate. Speak to us to find out more about customised CRM which is personalised, easy to negivate, and accessible even on mobile!


Enriching data increases the value of  digital asset for Data owners. The supplementary data provides contextual information about each individual contact. What does the company do, which trade is it in? Contact biography and company profile helps Data owners to understand their contacts at different levels, allowing data to be segmented for various personalised marketing messages. Without data enrichment, data set can't be categorised, and marketing campaigns will become spam without being relevant to the recipient. 


Cleaning data is a constant but crucial process for Data owners. Ensuring consistency and accuracy is vital for the information to be useful. Data owners might even want to consider Data Insurance to protect the value of their digital assets. Data cleansing is tedious but with technical expertise and know-how, can be simplified. Data across different platforms are collated, cleansed, standardised before returning to Data owners. 

For more information about how we can help Data owners reduce and automate the mundane task of managing, enriching and cleaning data, contact us.