Business (B2B) Marketing lists




It's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.

Business email lists, company mailing address lists, business database- these are just some of the data we have in our database of companies. With fields such as company directorships, senior management and industry segments, we know who wants to talk to you.



Business-2-Business Market segmentation

Want to market to company directors, business owners, IT managers, or just decision makers in oil & gas industry? With our comprehensive database, we help you to pro-actively reach out to just the right client segment.

This is how we can help:

  1. We analyse your requirements: product/service type, marketing channel, etc. and advise you on the type of potential clients that would maximise your ROI and response rate.
  2. From our database, we segment out a list of businesses suitable for your marketing message. The data we use comes with a level of guaranteed accuracy, to ensure data integrity and that your message gets through to real people and functioning companies.
  3. There are a few ways you can use the list:
    • Through our marketing services: We help you to craft effective, personalised messages and broadcast these to each potential customer.
    • List rental: You can rent the list to use for a short period of time for your marketing efforts.
    • List purchase: You can buy the data in our list and use it indefinitely.


Guaranteed accuracy

All lists come with the following guarantees and other information:

  • Minimum 30-days accuracy guarantee of 85%
  • Last refresh guaranteed to be within the last two months


Popular business marketing lists

Many of our clients have found these lists effective. We hope you will find them useful!

But if you have in mind a particular requirement or target group to market to, talk to us.

B2B List

Listed Companies Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Top MNCs Business owners
Key Business Decision Makers Companies in CBD
Company directors Small Medium Enterprise (SME)
Managing Directors HR / IT Managers
Manufacturing Industry Oil & Gas Industry

For more information on the marketing lists we have, please contact us.


Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Useful information for Data Owners:

The PDPA legislation serves to protect personal data. This includes Contact Numbers, Mobile Numbers, Addresses, Emails and others. There is a maximum fine of SGD$1 million under the Act.

Database Marketing respects each individual's privacy. Only business contact information is provided or used in the promotion of our client's products and services.

We only support companies that do Business-to-Business commercial transactions. All marketing activities are in the promotion of exchange of products and services between businesses only

The data that we provide includes:

Name Designation Business Tel Business Email Business Address And any other business related information
For more details on the PDPA Act, please visit here