Email Marketing Myths

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1. Email Marketing does not work!

Sure, you are right; it's not going to work... if you're expecting people to buy from you on receiving your first email.

Have you ever seen a TV advertisement being only aired once? Or have Coca-Cola ever stop advertising since they made it big?

Consider how often have you received an email and bought their product immediately?

Maximize your software and effort to make it work - Review open rates, click through rates - Improve your campaign, engage your audience, cultivate your leads.

2. One email for everyone on your list

A common mistake in email marketing is to craft a 'universal' email and blast if off. This is why your campaign would yield little result, and precisely why people think that email marketing is ineffective.

Quick Fix: Personalize and Segmentize your emails. Let's say you are a car dealer. You won't want to send 'New Arrival' email to someone who just bought a vehicle from you, likewise, you do not want to send potential buyers a 'Vehicle Maintenance' email.

Besides, Email marketing is so simple... it's not like you have to reprint your brochures all over again.

Maximise your email marketing software by doing A/B (split) test to see which offers works better on which type of clientele

3. Unsubscribe = your Nemesis
You would probably have a dozen of unsubscribes everything you broadcast your emails. So does this mean that it's a bad thing because people don't want to hear from you?

Truth be told, it's no biggie, and you should in fact be thankful for it.

Here's why: It cleans up your list. This is especially important because whether or not your next email lands in spam depends a lot on your reputation as a sender. The last thing you want is to be flagged as spam by someone on the list, who is irritated by your emails.

Moreover, getting these people who are not interested off your list, you are free to focus your attention on qualified leads.

4. Email marketing are for 'Spammers'

The only use of email marketing is to blast off unsolicited emails to people who don't even know who you are. And people who use email marketing are all spammers! ...Or is it?

Well, that's certainly is one way of looking at it. You are half right in thinking that email marketing as a tool to reach out to prospective leads. However, half right is not the whole truth.

Different hats of email marketing: Besides being an outbound marketing tool, email marketing is also a very useful inbound marketing tool, in that it is actually a Lead Nurturing tool.

One of the uses of email marketing is to keep in constant contact with your leads. As most of them may not be ready to buy from you any time soon, it's always good to send them an email on your industry news, or something educational, so as to leave an impression on your leads. This way, you raise the profile of your company and chances are, they will come to you if they need something.

Make full use of your email marketing software. A complete platform would come with Autoresponder feature. Suppose 90 subscribers clicked on your email on '40 inch TV', use an autoresponder to send '12% discount for 40 inch Sony TV'.

Furthermore, emails are always shared with friends, family, and co-workers. Don't be surprise if your email marketing campaign helped you to generate new leads

5. My eDM must be fanciful
Most people I spoke to tell me that email marketing DOES NOT WORK!

Perplexed and curious, I ask if they actually tried email marketing. The answer? You guessed it: No, because 'I don't know how to design', 'It's too difficult', 'I don't know how to craft an impressive email'.

eDM (electronic Direct Mails) design requires some technical knowledge. Don't just add pictures think it looks ok and send it off. Afterall, you don't want your email to look distorted in someone else's mailbox. If you can't design, text email is not all bad. You get your point across simply. Some of our best campaigns are those with a straight forward simple offer - in TEXT only.

Email marketing should be simple and easy. Sometimes, if you put too much effort into designing it, you missed what is truly important in your email - Content.

Send a plain text email have its advantages as well. Apart from not distracting your recipients from the important content of your email with images, a plain text email, like what they receive from friends, makes you less of a marketer to them.

Of course if you wish your email to reflect your brand, you can always hire someone to design your eDM professionally.

Mark Ang