Due diligence

Protect your business

Businesses constantly have to worry about late-payments, bad debts, unreasonable behaviours or worst, litigation.
Quite often, there is no easy recourse.

Check against more than 80 databases and registries and screen out individuals and businesses with negative news, legal or unsavoury history and poor reputation.

Check your name card, database, and CRM for the following:


Background checks of criminal and civil proceedings.
Records of labour disputes, suspension orders and commercial disputes.
Access a company's commercial environment to reduce risk and liability. Sources include government bodies and industry associations and councils.
List of undischarged bankrupt, insolvent firms, and tax crimes.
Thorough investigation of both individuals and companies for past financial issues. Business deals turned bad, unpaid wages, and many more.
Red Flags
History of complains, fraud, corruption or unfairness.
Relationship between companies and their customers, employees and suppliers.Conflict of interest.
Compliance with licensing requirements and regulations.
Suspended license, flaunting regulatory directions and blacklisted by watchdogs.
Covers Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.
Multi-lingual: English, Chinese, and Bahasa Melayu. Coverage on other South East Asia countries coming soon.

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