Web design


On the internet, not having a website means not having a shopfront.

Web designs should not just be aesthetically beautiful. They should be effective, search engine- and user-friendly, resulting in clear conversion pathways. At Database Marketing, we build beautiful web shopfronts that achieve results.


Our design philosophy

Our designs are focused on aesthetics, functionality and visitor conversion. We work with you to understand your business, your industry and your company's specific needs. As a marketing company, we understand that your website is a means to establish your branding, draw in high-quality visitor traffic and convert them to paying customers.

In addition, we can include the following features in our web design:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Web analytics
  • Social media features

Specialists in Content Management Systems

CMS are known for their scalability and flexibility. They are used by the White House, PayPal, Twitter, Ikea, ING Bank, and thousands of big and small sites around the world.

We have years of experience working with CMS  and can develop custom themes and functionality for your websites.

For more information on how our designs can help you to achieve results, contact us.


Looking to create a website?

If you’re starting a new business and need an online presence, start with a CMS website. 

  • IT’s open source – anyone can work on it. You’re not tied in to any company or service provider
  • IT’s easy to use – you can update the website yourself, without any programming knowledge
  • IT’s extremely extensible – don’t have to worry about technical constraints. Your website can grow with your business.


Want to refresh the look and feel on your website?

When did you last create your website? Have you been updating it regularly? If not its time to consider refreshing it. Even established companies like Singapore Press Holdings, MediaCorp refresh their look and feel every few years. So should you.


Having problems because you frequent update your website?

If you need to regularly update your content (and you should be), but don’t have programming skills. Then you’re probably relying on a retainer contract to get your site updated. 

Do you know you can quite easily do it yourself? YES - Without programming skills. It’s call a CMS or a Content Management System


Considered online transaction or a shopping cart?

eCommerce is secure and efficient. It’s not just retailers, but even B2B businesses are doing it as well.  And today, it is not difficult to add on to an existing website.


Your website is running on flash?

Flash is old school. These days with HTML5, CSS, it will be a matter of time before no flash will no longer be used.

By then, trying to update your flash will be like trying to find a replacement part for a Intel III laptop – Pointlessly difficult and extremely expensive.

TIP : If you’re still on flash, CHANGE now.