Design services


Beauty has no function beyond the pleasure it generates.
- Immanuel Kant

At Database Marketing, we design your marketing messages that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also results-focused. By combining direct marketing technology, effective marketing copy and attention-grabbing aesthetics, we produce effective designs that produce measurable results: responses, conversions, and sales.


Our design services

We are able to produce the following designs:

Samples of EDM designs

The following are some samples of our EDM designs:

EDM for a real estate agency. EDM for a real estate agency. EDM for a company's product launch EDM for a company's announcement. EDM for a company's request for opt-in EDM for a prospect research company. EDM for an alternative investments company. EDM for a consumer awareness website. EDM for a child enrichment centre.



Why EDMs

EDM, or electronic direct mailer, is a form of marketing that uses….well, electronic mail. EDM is a faster, more cost-efficient and measurable than the traditional way, for you to deliver your flyers.

With Email Marketing

  1. You can be sure that all your emails will be sent to your targeted audience
  2. Using a proper platform, results can be tracked with different statistical metrics

eDM Design doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of templates that you can use. Most good Email Marketing Software will come with templates. You don’t even need to know HTML to work a basic design.

So why do you need your eDM to be professionally designed?
  • Branding – Not only do you want your EDM to be attention grabbing, you also want to use it to promote your company.
  • Does your company have a particular colour scheme or style? A template will limit the number of things you can do, and ways you can design or modify your EDM.
  • Designing an EDM can be time consuming, better spend your time on what you do best and leave the rest to the professional
  • A template just doesn’t have that polished finish!
EDM allows you to include hyperlinks or registration form in your emails, engaging and compelling your recipients to take action immediately.
Your emails can be created using pictures instead of texts to bring your message across more effectively.
What Database Marketing will do for you?
  1. Our dedicated Design Team will work with your to understand your requirements
  2. Content of the email will be provided by client
  3. The 1st draft of the EDM design will be sent for your review and adjustments made subsequently
  4. The final product will be upload onto our Email Marketing system ready for your broadcasts
  5. A HTML copy of the EDM will be sent to you, which will be entirely owned by you

For more information on how our designs can help you to achieve results, contact us.