Data Cleansing and Enrichment


It is cheaper to tap on your existing leads than to acquire new ones.

But you can’t do that with a sparse or outdated database. More than one-third of your data can get outdated in one year. Our database services help you to enrich your database, profile your customers and customise your marketing plans to fully reap the value from your data investment.


Data cleansing

We update your existing database to make sure all fields are up to date. Here’s what happens in the process:

Data enrichment

Want to know more about your customers? We add additional fields to your existing database, so you can perform more rigorous analytics on your customers, resulting in products and services that you can be sure they want to buy.

Some of the fields we can add:

  • Designation
  • Business Address
  • Business Email
  • Business Telephone
  • Etc.

Analytics/data mining

What product or service should you develop that would sell to the largest number of your existing customers? We help you answer that critical question by profiling your customers. We can tell you their:

  • Revenue
  • Size of firm
  • Industry
  • Age of company
  • Etc.

Lead generation

By actively identifying promising leads in your exisitng database, we help you to focus on customers that would bring the highest returns for your effort. We help you to answer these questions:

  • Who should I market this product/service to?
  • How much should I price this product/service?
  • What should the marketing message be?

Contact us to find out how we can transform your client database into an intelligent marketing tool to maximise your conversions.