Database Marketing

What is database marketing?

Business (B2B) Listings, Email Listings, Data Cleansing, Update and Enrichment, Infographic & eDM Design, Email Marketing Platform, Business Card Conversion

These are just some of the core work we do. Database and direct marketing are highly-targeted forms of marketing. Tapping into our robust and reliable database, we generate personalised targeted marketing communications on your behalf and deliver them directly to potential customers.

Messages don’t just go out to anyone. From our business database, we carefully segment out a group of potential client that most likely need your products and services.

The methodologies we use are cost-effective, fast and measurable, trumping traditional advertising techniques.

Get an overview of our entire database / direct marketing process and our self-service, hosted email marketing software / email broadcast system.

We also have mailing list and email addresses of Top Companies and Singapore SMEs for purchase and rental.

Who are we?

We are a premier Singapore-based B2B database company with clients in Singapore, the UK and Australia.

Specialise in Email Marketing, and Database Management. Our job is to help clients along with various database challenges, from getting suitable contact / mailing lists to ensuring database consistency and accuracy.

Our strength is in providing end-to-end database solutions, from hard-to-softcopy conversion, ensuring data field consistency and accuracy to providing database listings, database software and email marketing solutions. We also provide database enrichment and assist client with meeting their obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act

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